Thrifty Thursday!

thrifty thursday 3

So, I know there is only 30 minutes left until it is no longer Thursday… So we have to make this a quick one 🙂

This week I found 3 amazing shirts while I was thrifting and all together they only cost me $12! So for this week the shirt that you see (WHICH IS SUPER COMFORTABLE) I bought for only $4! I am not sure what brand it is, but I bought it from the Goodwill in Annapolis, Maryland! Then I found jeans from Forever 21 from Uptown Cheapskate for $10! I paired this amazingly comfy outfit with a super cute necklace that I bought from Target last November! And you cannot see them in my picture, but I am just wearing a cute pair of black sandals!

I said this in my first post… but, it is SO hard for me to find shoes while I am thrifting! I am a size 11. But, my mission this week is to find super cute shoes! If you see any while you’re on your thrifting trips please let me know! You can email me or comment below! I would love to hear about your thrifting experiences! I know this outfit is not completely thrifted because of the shoes and necklace, but the shirt and pants (Which would be the most important part!) only cost me $14 this week!

I hope everyone is having a great week and I cannot wait for a VERY exciting post I have coming for you all this weekend!




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