My Finds at Moonlight Madness at Goodwill!

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Last night was Moonlight Madness at Goodwill! That means that all of their stock was 50% off of their already amazing prices. My mom and I went to the Goodwill in Crofton, Maryland.

As my mom rushed into Goodwill at 9:30 pm, already exhausted from the day we had, we were woken up from the sounds and the rush of good sales that we were about to encounter. We sifted through the clothing looking for something amazing that we knew would be 50% off! We were amazed at all of the awesome things were finding! Together we bought a total of 22 items for only $35! The pictures that you see above are the items that I bought. I bought 4 shirts, YES ONE OF THOSE IS MICHAEL KORS (that was purchased for $15!). Then, I also bought two yellow containers that I cannot wait to put in my apartment this year! I think I am going to use them to hold my makeup brushes! Then the two watering cans my mom is going to use as planters (SO cute I know!).

Whoever got to go to this sale, please share the items that you bought with me! I have already had a few people show me and I am loving that everyone is having so much fun Thrifting!

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