My new start to a Healthy Lifestyle!

About a week and a half ago, I attended a “Summer Slimdown” talk with Holistic Health Coach, Tara Hantske. She talked about how eating a Low-Glycemic diet would basically cure all of my health issues. Naturally, I was all ready to sign up for that! These past 5 days I started the “RESET” part of the journey. The idea behind RESET is to get your body used to the fact that you will no longer be giving it all the bad sugars that I have been giving it! I bought the RESET package which included multiple flavors of USANA brand shakes and protein bars. The idea was to eat every 2-3 hours so you are not feeling hungry!

Everyday you eat 3 shakes and 2 bars. Also, if you were still feeling hungry (which I was some days) you could eat a salad with all green veggies with olive oil and vinegar and a piece of Low-Glycemic fruit (Aka: an apple, peach grapes.. etc).

So how were the shakes and bars you ask? They were pretty good. There were obviously flavors I liked more than others but the ones that I did like were awesome! My favorite was the vanilla and I loved the Chocolate Chip protein bar.

Now I am on my first day without the shakes and the bars and let me tell you, Tara has made sure that I am ready to do this without the shakes and the bars! She is awesome! I now have a shopping list and I am now understanding which foods are Low-glycemic and which have a higher glycemic level!

The best part about these past 5 days are that I LOST 5.6 LBS! Making my total weight loss for this summer so far, 25 lbs! I am so excited to start living a Low-Glycemic lifestyle!

If you are interested in starting a Low-Glycemic Lifestyle (which we all should really be doing!) you should contact Tara Hantske! Her email address is!  She will become your absolute BFF!





**Disclaimer: Tara Hanstske did not ask me to write this and I am not promoting USANA products, I am simply writing about my experiences! 🙂

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