Thrifty Thursday- Household Item Style!



This week I chose to do a Thrifty Post on some awesome household items! If you read my last Thrifty Thursday post you would have seen that I featured these adorable yellow/green jars. I first saw them at the Moonlight Madness sale at the Goodwill in Crofton, Maryland. Last week I saw that there were 5 jars in total for sale but, I thought that I would probably only need 2 of those… But, during the week I was so sad that I did not buy the other ones! When I went to Goodwill yesterday I saw the other 3 sitting there waiting for my arrival! I was SO EXCITED to see them there! 

This upcoming fall I am moving into an apartment and I cannot wait to use these around it! They are perfect for makeup brushes, flowers or other little knick-knacks! My sister gave me the cutest idea to put the little chalk board stickers on the front of them so I can write on the jars what I am keeping in them! I am going to Michael’s tomorrow to get those! I will post them as soon as I put them on there! 

OH! And, the cute little owl necklace that you see featured in this I also found while Thrifting! It still had tags on it and it was $15, but shhh… I scored it for $3! 

I hope you enjoyed this household items post! I am thinking about doing one a month! Let me know what you think by “Liking” and writing on my new Facebook page! It is DefiningDanie 🙂 



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