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This week I was challenged to find a Hippie Themed Thrifty Thursday! I was so excited about this. When I think of what a Hippie wears, I think of things that are flowy, colorful, down-to-earth and happy! While I was thrifting I was looking for things that matched that description… it wasn’t easy but I tried! I did not find things that looked Hippie-ish that were colorful but I found this AWESOME shirt that was flowy and had these cute feathers on it! And, guess what! The shirt was only $5! It is from the Goodwill in Crofton, MD. The tank top that you see me wearing is actually attached to the shirt with the feathers, so that saved me an extra $4 at Goodwill today! I also found these super comfy jeans there! They are from Kohl’s! They were only $7.00.

I also stopped by a new thrift store for me today! It was called Thrifty Outlet. It is in Glen Burnie, MD. I found the adorable shoes you see in the photos! Yes, I FOUND SHOES! For everyone who has read my blog in the past has read that I wear a size 11 and it is so difficult for me to find shoes. When I saw them my whole day got better! They really completed my Hippie inspired outfit! Something that also made me happier about the shoes was that they were only $5. They are Bakers brand! I am familiar with their shoe brand but I have not shopped there for shoes for a while so, I went on their website to see if I could find a similar pair of shoes. I found a pair that were priced at $45! Wow, I know… I saved $40!

Finally, the headband. So, like I said before, when I think of a Hippie I think of colorful. That was the last thing my outfit was missing! I thought to myself, what is something that I could add that is not expensive and would add a pop of color? And, it’s this DIY Flower Headband I made! It was so simple. I already had the fake flowers and the twine! If you would like me to post how to make this DIY headband, please comment below or on my Facebook page, DefiningDanie. πŸ™‚

The total price of this outfit was $17! I had so much fun with this themed Thrifty Thursday! Please let me know what you think! I hope everyone is having a great week (but YAY! tomorrow is Friday!).



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