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Hello all my Thrifty Thursday lovers! I hope all of your Thursday’s are going well! I just got home from a beach day trip with my sister, Payton and one of my friends, Amanda! It was such a pretty day for the beach!

But, let’s get down to thrifting business! So, how much did my outfit cost this week? …It was not under $20 like usual šŸ™ but, it was still less expensive then it would have been if I had not bought it at sale price! Let’s start with the star of this week’s outfit, my pants! I bought these pants from Rugged Warehouse. Rugged Warehouse has very similar prices to a consignment or thrift store. Rugged Warehouse is the same thing for some of you who know the store Gabriel Brother’s, they are owned by the same company. My pants were only $7.99! I love these pants so much. They are so comfortable and affordable. They’re perfect for the beach. As you can tell in the up close picture of my pink toes in the water, the pants are a cute blue, white and beige paisley print.

Next, the pants paired perfectly with the shirt that I’m wearing! I already had this shirt hanging in my closet but, I bought it at Forever 21, making it already a steal! I’m pretty sure their basic tees about $7.00!

And finally, my hat! Ah, I just love this sun hat. For the first time, I came home without sunburn! Yay. So, that hat is Ralph Lauren! I bought this hat for $24 in March at the outlets! The hat was originally around $70.

Although this outfit wasn’t completely thrifted, I still saved a ton of money!

I am also very excited to say that today someone showed me the items that they bought while thrifting! I would love to see everyone else’s Thrifty Thursdays! You can tag me in them on Instagram or Twitter @Danieminor13 :)! Also if you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page at Definingdanie! I hope you all enjoyed this week’s finds!


4 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday!

  1. Hey Danie,

    I always read your thirfty Thursdays! I love know all you crafty ideas as well! I just wanted to mention about the sun hat. In any store they are all about $24. That is a reason I haven’t bought one yet. However, incase others were looking for one… Pat Cantan’s has had those for under $9.00! What a bargin!?!?

    • Awh thank you for reading my posts! It means a lot to me!! And wow! $9.00!? Buy it! I’m really happy that only spent $24 on a Ralph Lauren hat! Haha! I would love to see anything that you find while thrifting!

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