Thirfty Thursday- Moonlight Madness!


I hope everyone isn’t mad at me that I am posting this post so late in the night… I have been packing for college all day long ūüôĀ It was supposed to be done like 4 days ago, whoops! But, let’s get down to business with this Thrifty Thursday! Ahh! Okay, so¬†for any new Defining Danie readers,¬†Moonlight Madness is a sale that Goodwills’ do and all of their stock is 50% OFF! It is like Black Friday, all of these people, including me, rush to make sure that they get those awesome deals on amazing finds! I am basically in HEAVEN! This time I had my sister, my mom and my two friends go with me! We had a blast! We got there at 9 pm, it started at 8 pm and goes until Midnight! I am not kidding you when I tell you all that it was a mad house!¬†

As you can see in the pictures above, combined we bought a total of 22 items for $67.00. This makes the average price for each item $3.50. The pictures below were just the items that I purchased for myself! There is pattern going here… FALL! Fall is quickly approaching us, so I thought that it was¬†appropriate! My FAVORITE purchase were the cute little cups! I was looking around in the household items and there they were! They were like just waiting for ME to pick them up!¬†

Next, the two pairs of shoes, they are so similar, but one is a little lighter brown then the other, so of course it’s okay to buy both! (LOL) Then, the purple jacket is from Chico’s. Chico’s is not a store that I frequently buy things at… but when it starts getting cold in Kent, Ohio, I think that jacket will be cute and come in handy! Also, the green jacket is going to come in handy too especially with the winds that occur in Kent! *Insert my most upset face!* I am not a fan of the winds in Kent! Haha, actually my hair doesn’t love the winds in Kent! I wish I found more this time but I cannot wait to start searching around in the Thrift Stores near school!¬†

I will still be blogging from school and of course I will always have Thrifty Thursday’s!¬†

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I

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