Thrifty Thursday Time!

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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had a nice week. I have had a very interesting week, but Thrifting today really made things a lot better! I bought all 5 things for $25 dollars. I have not gone over $20 for a Thrifty Thursday in a long time, but I loved all of these items, so I couldn’t resist any of it!

I started at the Goodwill in Akron, Ohio and purchased two sweaters. It is the blue and white striped one, and the one that is Hunter Green, but it did not photograph that well. It looks black in the photo. The green was the perfect shade! I bought both of the sweaters for $8! They’re each $4!

Also, GUESS WHAT! I reached 100 Points on my Goodwill Club Card! I have talked about the Club Card before! Once you reach 100 points on your card, you receive 35% off on your next purchase! I cannot wait to go to Goodwill next week!

Next, I went to Village Discount Outlet, which is also in Akron, Ohio. There I bought the cream sweater, the flannel and the grey sweater!

The color tags of the day were orange and blue! The colored tags are the tags that have the price on them. Also, each day, the store will choose a “Color tag of the day”, which means that those colored tags are 50% off!

The cream sweater was one of those orange tags! It was originally $6.50, but I scored it for $3.25! This sweater is absolutely adorable. It can be dressed up for special occasions, or dressed down with leggings and boots!

Next, I bought the grey sweater, which also happened to have have an orange tag! The sweater also only cost me $3.25! This sweater was originally from Lord and Taylor department store! I love L&T, but they can get really pricey! I checked to see if I could find something similar to the sweater that I bought and I did!

The sweater that was similar to the one that I found was $108! You can check it out HERE. <—

Finally, I purchased the flannel. This flannel is very holiday-ish to me! I cannot wait to wear it with a sweater over top of it and a huge statement necklace! I will probably wear jeans, or leggings with it and boots! It was super comfy to try on! I did not want to take it off!

The flannel was the most expensive thing that I bought this week, because it was brand new! Village Discount Outlet also buys new items and then sells them in their stores!

I hope you all enjoyed everything that I shared with you!

I am going to a conference this weekend called “Ohio loves Israel” at Ohio State University! I will blog about it when I get home!



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One thought on “Thrifty Thursday Time!

  1. Hi Danie! WOW.. great finds this week! I always look forward to Thursdays to see your “finds!” I must also add that through your blog, and in seeing your incredible bargains, you’ve inspired me to begin thrifting! I was blown away to find clothes WITH TAGS on them, and purchased 3 Chico’s items (one with tags) the other 2 in mint condition for $25.00? These same 3 pieces of clothing would clearly have been $150 if purchased in the actual store? Thank you again for being such an inspiration to me, and I’m sure SO many others! There’s a huge Goodwill (almost the size of a warehouse!) that just opened not too far from me, and I plan on hitting that place this weekend! Can’t wait to share my finds with you! Who needs retail?! 🙂

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