Thrifty Thursday is getting Wintery!

This week, I went thrifting with my friend Marie. Her and I both scored some GREAT things!

I was on a mission this week to find a cute winter coat, that wasn’t black and a poncho/ruana. I went to Village Discount Outlet in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and I wasn’t leaving there until I found what I was looking for!

So, first, I found this beautiful blue coat! It is a little big on me, but I am going to take it to get tailored! The color is gorgeous! At Kent State, it is SO important to have a long coat because of the snow and the wind! Did I mention I bought it for only $9?! Marie found one of the most adorable winter coats that I have ever seen.I wish the jacket fit me so I could steal it from her! Marie bought this cute winter jacket for $6.50! Yep, you read that correctly.

                                                            image-52            image-60

Next, I bought this adorable plaid shirt! I took a picture closer to the fabric, so you all could see how cute the plaid is! I am so excited to wear this under a cute shirt with a huge statement necklace! Also, I think this exact plaid is cute for the holiday season! I am thinking about wearing it under the grey poncho that I bought! The shirt only cost me $2.



Marie found the next item for me! I love cardigans! This adorable cardigan has a really cute pattern on it and then gold buttons, and it was only $4!


And finally, my grey poncho! Marie and I searched all over the store yesterday, because this is all I wanted! I am not even sure why I wanted one so bad. I just knew I wasn’t leaving until we found one that I loved!

We were looked through the coats, and didn’t see one, and then we saw cute scarves, so we were just looking through the scares and all of a sudden, Marie screamed “DANIE! I FOUND ONE!” I thought she was crazy because it just looked like one of the scarves that were hanging up, but, she was right, it was the poncho that I had been looking for!

This poncho only cost me $3.50! I did some research and I was seeing how much this would cost the full price from Coldwater Creek, and this would have cost me somewhere between $69-$90! I am so excited about how much money I was able to save, because what college girl has the money to spend $90 one item? Not this one!


Finally, I found this sweater JUST as I was checking out, and I bought it on a whim. But, let me tell you, I am so happy that I bought this sweater. I wore this sweater last night and it is the most comfortable piece of clothing that I have worn! This is sweater cost me $12. This is the most I’ve ever spent on one item, but it is okay by me! I love this sweater and it going to be one of my winter staples!


I would say that Marie and I were extremely successful this week!

I have had so many friends showing me the items that they have bought while thrifting! If you are thrifting, please share the items with me that you’re buying!

Share them with me on Instagram/Twitter @Danieminor13 🙂

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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