Holiday Travel Guide

traveling this holiday

Are you traveling this Holiday season? I am! I need to make sure that I am carrying everything I need with me to make sure that I have the best flight that I can have! I am going to have two carry-ons and a huge luggage!

For my carry-ons:

One bag for all of my school things. I am taking home so much homework for this Thanksgiving break, (but for Winter break I won’t have to worry about homework! YAY!) so this means in this bag I have my laptop, chargers and a ton of pencils/pens, you never know… one could fall when you’re flying! And, of course, my homework! I am hoping to get it all done today and tomorrow, so I can have a fun holiday break!

One bag for all of my makeup! HAHA! I am not kidding, I make sure that I carry on my makeup with me. You never know how the attendants that will be handling your luggage, so to make sure my makeup (my most prized possession, besides my laptop) is safe, I take it on the plane with me! 🙂

Also, in the bag with my makeup bag, I always make sure to pack makeup/cleansing wipes for longer flights because my face gets oily during long air times.

Next, I always make sure to bring a jacket! This time, I am wearing that awesome grey poncho that I bought while thrifting this past week!


The last, and most important thing that I make sure to have with me when traveling in general is my favorite stuffed animal. I cannot tell you the last time I flew without Spunky… I don’t care if I am almost 20, I NEED Spunky 🙂


I hope everyone has a safe time flying/traveling to their holiday destinations!



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