New Year, New Me? Thrifty Thursday!

The Thrifty Thursday looks this week: A Winter Time Outfit and a Workout Outfit!   

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Lets start out with the Winter Time Outfit! For this outfit, the two thrifted items are the jacket and the headband! The jacket cost me $10 and the headband cost me $6. I was kind of upset that the headband cost me that much but, I can understand why it cost so much, it was new! It’s super cute, it is one of those headbands that also covers your ears, which is perfect because at Kent State, it is FREEZING.

The jacket is also perfect. It is fleece lined, and super warm! Today, in Annapolis, the high temperature I believe was 14 degrees, but with the windchill it felt like 2! But, at school I know with the windchill it felt like -18 (I can say that I am not super excited to go back to that weather on Sunday, haha!). If I were to wear this outfit at school, I would definitely have to add gloves and a scarf! Check out the outfit with my heavy duty scarf that I bought off last year!


Jacket- $10 Headband- $6

 I completed this outfit with heavy leggings and my new chestnut boots that I bought from Payless for only $39!

So, everyone always makes the New Years Resolution to get fit in the new year, well I started that this summer, but I got a little off track…so I am starting again now!

Workout clothes can be SO expensive, even at places like Target or Marshall’s, so why not thrift them? I thrifted almost everything in this outfit, except my T-shirt that I am wearing underneath of my of jacket.

   IMG_0623    IMG_0628

It motivates me so much to look cute while working out! I bought these workout pants and jacket, which are both Target brand, for only $8 combined! Then, today while I was at Goodwill, I found these Reebok EasyTones for only $10. I was online looking at Reebok’s website to see how much these cost brand new and they range from $69-$99! I saved so much money by buying them from Goodwill.

I know it seems a little weird buying shoes from Goodwill but, I promise you, they have some good finds! You can also wash tennis shoes on delicate in the washing machine.

I bought the jacket previously and added a cute monogram to the front of it. I got that done in Kent, Ohio at Dragonfly, they monogram items for only $5. So, together my jacket was a total of $9…I know, it’s amazing!

I also saw other amazing winter jackets and workout clothes in Goodwill, so go check out your local

thrift store for these items!

I would love to see the items you are thrifting, so please share them with me on Twitter/Instagram @Danieminor13.

Happy New Year!


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