Thrifty Thursday!

Hey everyone! I’ve missed you all…I have been so busy trying to get my schedule into the swing of things! This week I have found an outfit that I cannot wait to share with you. It is the perfect winter outfit and can fit so many occasions.



If you have kept up with my blog, you would know that I am absolutely obsessed with these cape-style ponchos! They are so warm and soft. I got this at a new store consignment store in Kent, Oh. that I will be writing about this weekend (so check back then!). I got it for $15, which is the most money that I have ever spent on a thrifted item…but I think $15 is still an acceptable price!

This was originally from Macy’s. I did some research on their website, and they have something similar that is being sold for $60, so $15 is a steal!



Next, is the blue sweater. This is the softest sweater I have ever worn in my life-no joke! The brand is Roman’s. I looked online to see how much a sweater from this company costs and they range from $25-$35. I got it for $5!

And the last item I bought today that is perfect is this necklace down below! Goodwill did this awesome thing, and they teemed up with Target. So, all of the products that are Target brand in Goodwill are completely new. This necklace completes my outfit so well!



Here is a close up of my scarf! The scarf is so pretty. It is Pashmina…and it only cost $1.48. YES, you read that correctly!



I paired these things with my favorite black leggings, and my light brown riding boots!I hope everyone enjoyed my outfit as much as I do!

Missed you all.


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