Hello March!


Can anyone believe that it is already the 5th day of March? I can’t! March is my favorite month of the year. March is the start of flowers blooming, when Ohio starts to not be an icebox and my birthMONTH! My birthday is March 13th.

Because it is my birthMONTH, I have decided to make this month about me. I always do everything for everyone else, and it is time to start doing things for myself! I have made a goal list for myself and some of the goals are really small, but they are all different things that I just want to work on.

1. I would really like to lose 10 lbs by spring break. This is really manageable for me because my spring break is not until March 23-30. Over the summer, I started eating a low-glycemic diet, and I felt really good.

2. Add more water into my life. I have recently gone back to drinking soda, and I feel really unmotivated, and I think this is a huge reason!

3. Stop eating past 8 p.m. In college, it is really tempting to eat while doing homework late at night, but this habit is what made me gain weight last school year. I have recently start to pick this habit up again, and it is going to stop.

4. This past summer, I started going to Pure Barre this summer, and fell in-love! Barre exercise is something I really enjoy, and I really want to take time for myself and go to more Barre classes. Plus, Pure Barre is doing this fun thing where they are trying to challenge people to go to 21 classes during the month of March. If I can’t get to Pure Barre, I would at least like to exercise at least 3 times per week!

I really think I can accomplish all of this! Let me know what your March goals!


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