Recap of My Trip to Dublin and London!

..I belong in Europe is all I can say. For two weeks I traveled all throughout Dublin and London. I was there with one of my classes that I took during the semester, Global Advertising and Public Realtions. While visiting, we not only visited the touristy sites, we worked with groups that we were paired with all semester.


My group, International Wit, worked to compare the humor used in Ads and PR campaigns in the US vs. Ireland/England. You should check out the blog we created to post our findings!



I honestly didn’t know what to expect for Dublin. Honestly, I pictures it to be a cute little city with cottages? Haha, I know that’s so unrealistic. But, Dublin turned out to be a city full of heritage, passion and life. The people were energetic and lovely. They were some of the most welcoming people I have met while traveling. While their food isn’t my favorite there is always the added bonus of the accents!


We stayed in the famous area, Temple Bar at a hostel. Two doors down my hostel was the famous Temple Bar itself. The second night, my friends and I ventured into the famous Dublin bar, and oh my gosh, it was great! It was busy, but so laid back, with multiple different areas throughout the entire place. My friends and I thought we were only going to stay out for a little bit, but we ended up staying until 2:30 a.m. The nightlife is never ending in Dublin!


We would wake up and people would already be having the time of their lives in the pubs. It was odd at first, but throughout the week, we started to just expect it!


Besides doing all of the touristy things, like the Dublin Castle and Trinity College, we also explored and went to two small beach towns, Howth and Malahide. They were breathtakingly beautiful and only 20 minutes outside of the city!

A ferry, two trains and three buses later…



So, after a week of exploring an entirely new city, we went to London! I have been to London before, but I swear you can go to London 10 times and see something new every time. I think though each time I go back, my favorite part of London will always be Camden Town.


We stayed in an area called Clerkenwell. It isn’t one of the hotspots of London, but as the Brits call apartments, our “flats” were really nice, so I was happy to stay only a few minutes away by train or bus from the main part.


My favorite thing that I did while I was in London was I went to Beautycon London! Beautycon is a convention that incorporates social media and the beauty/fashion world! BC bring famous YouTube stars, makeup artists, editorial writers and bloggers to be on a panel for different topics, and they discuss their opinions on those topics to people like me, who are bloggers, fashion/beauty lovers and aspiring YouTube stars to give them insights on how to better grow within this business.


My favorite discussion was “The Business of Beauty”. They alsoΒ had so many brands with their own stations selling makeup at discounted prices and even teaching you new tips and tricks! I was basically in heaven, I brought home so many free samples, including some of the best eyelashes ever!

So as I said previously, I was on this trip with a class, so I did have to do some school work… 😦 haha! As a part of my school work, we had to visit PR agencies and one of them was called Ketchum.


We talked with two women about their jobs and how to prepare ourselves for the industry, etc. One of the ladies we spoke with is an Account Coordinator for their beauty brands!Β  Beauty and fashion PR is exactly what I want to go into, so it was amazing getting to talk to her about her work.

Like I said before my favorite place we went in London was Camden Town. CT is a totally different place than the rest of London. It’s very creative, cultural and artsy. CT is made up of several different markets. My favorite areas are the Lock Market and the Stables. The Stable Market is really cool because they used to be old horse stables, and when the market was invented, they didn’t knock them down, they just used the space wisely!


If you’re looking for some AMAZING food, Camden Market is the place to go! Like I said, it’s a cultural hub, so there is great food from around the world!


I went to CM twice during this trip and on my second trip there, I saw this man who looked extremely familiar. I walked over to his booth and started talking to him for a second and within a second of talking to him, I realized he was my tour guide from the last time I was in London!!!! Isn’t that insane!? I just love how small the world is.


I could go on and on about my two weeks spent in Europe. I honestly think I am meant to live there one day! If you ever get the chance to go, please take it!


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