Thrifty Thursday- 4th of July!

If you’re in a time crunch for a cute festive 4th of July outfit, make sure you go check out your local thrift stores! Be creative with your outfits, because you never know what you can put together!

I am so excited that my first Thirfty Thursday in a while is my 4th of July look! While thrifting at the Goodwill in Crofton, Md. I was looking for simple pieces that would look spectacular together, and here is the outfit that I put together!

My philosophy for thrifting is to buy pieces of clothing that will look amazing with the clothes you already own at home. Thrifting is supposed to save you money, right?


For this Thrifty Thursday look I bought the white shirt, the headband and the flag! Let’s start with the white shirt!

The white shirt, which was actually a dress is the brand Merona, which can be found at Target. The dress was a little tight around my hips, but fit perfectly up-top, plus it was only $8! It was a steal that I could not pass up. I just tucked the extra fabric underneath and wa-lah, we have a super cute shirt!

photo-12My headband is where I got super patriotic, is actually a TIE! I wrapped the tie around my head twice, and then tied it underneath my head, and it made a super cute headband that I cannot wait to rock on the 4th. On Wednesday’s at my local Goodwill, they offer a student discount! Make sure that you ask the store clerk at your local Goodwill about the days where they offer certain promotions! With my student discount this tie was only $2.40.

image-74A lot of thrift stores will have a lot of decorations for the holidays. The Crofton Goodwill had about 50 small flags and are basically a necessity for the 4th! With my student discount, the flag only cost me $0.48…I feel like I got it for free!  image-76       image

I paired this outfit with my favorite blue statement necklace, dark jeans and my new brown wedges! The wedges were bought during the BOGO sale at Payless. I found them for $11 and they are the most comfortable shoes that I own!

Do not forget to add your favorite red lipstick to your 4th of July outfit! 😉 Have a happy and safe 4th! 


34 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday- 4th of July!

    • Thank you! I go to a few places around Kent. There are a few great Goodwills! You have to really SEARCH though to find some cute things! I have found some amazing things at the Goodwill closest to Beachwood. Also, there are cool thrift stores in downtown CLE 🙂

    • Awh thank you so much! Thrifting is all about the “hunt”. You don’t have to dig through bins by any means, but sometimes it take s a little patience, and the creativeness will come along!

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