Thrifty Thursday 

It’s that time of the week again! I hit the jackpot last week, so I thought I would go to Village Discount Outlet again. This week I found various amazing items, but I’m saving them for a future Thrifty Thursday! 😉
But, for this week I found two cute pieces that fit into my wardrobe perfectly. First, I found this adorable cardigan, which I bought for $3!

The black polka dots are actually sequins! I paired it with a black long sleeve underneath and my favorite pearl necklace from Francesca’s!

The second item I found this week is the perfect long black sweater. It’s almost a sweater dress, but not quite long enough, so I wore leggings underneath it.

Even though I’m wearing dark grey leggings, I decided to pair this look with my favorite cheetah scarf! I got this sweater for $3! It was supposed to be $5, but I saw that the same exact sweater was priced for $3, but in a different color. So I brought both up and asked them why there was a price difference, and because they couldn’t give me a reason as to why they were priced differently, they gave me the cheaper price!

And for a little fall-time fun…why not play with leaves?  

Hope you have a fantastic weekend & that you enjoyed these two looks!

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