Isabel Marant x 80’s

In the era of the birth of MTV, Michael Jackson and hip hop music, the ’80s was a time of clothing fads that were inspired by music trends, teased hair and of course, we cannot forget, spandex.

Isabel Marant’s Spring/Summer 2016 (SS16) collection pulls inspiration right out of the ’80s. Marant’s collection has updated versions included modern parachute pants, metallics, cropped jackets and high-waisted shorts (if you can even call the underwear-esc bottoms, shorts!).


A trend in the ’80s was the shoulder pads; in the photo above, Marant uses the shoulder pads as inspiration for the cropped jacket, without overdoing it. She has the silhouette mastered without having to include hefty should pads into the mix of the jacket.


In a Vogue runway review, author Chioma Nnadi said “the influences on (Marant’s) new collection skewed more North India than South Bronx,” when comparing Marant’s SS16 collection to the 1980’s.

Before researching for collections that were inspired by past decades, I had never heard of Isabel Marant, but I can definitely say I really enjoy the way she incorporates her inspirations into her designs.


In the look above, Marant followed two trends: the mini skirt and spandex pants.

With hints of Indian culture, metallics and hip hop, I feel like Marant hit the nail on the head with this collection. I will definitely be looking out for her next SS collection in September.



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