How I re-created my room to be my favorite space in the house!

When I moved home in May, I felt like my room was not actually “my room.” When I originally went to college, my mom got rid of my furniture because it was so old, and honestly, it needed to go. When I would come home from breaks from college, I would stay in our guest room or our extremely comfy couch in the living room.

I felt out of place and really wanted a place of my own because I knew I would be at home for at least another year.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the guest room, but I knew to keep costs down, I would have to keep the bedroom furniture, but could add fun pieces to make it feel like my own space!

After looking at various Instagram pages, talking with my best friend Erin (a TON) about styles we liked and seeing one of my favorite YouTuber, Sarah Belle’s new room…I decided the Boho Chic style was the way I wanted to go!

Similarly to Sarah, I LOVE color and texture! I knew I wanted to do warmer tones, such as, corals, yellows and pinks (which are also my favorite colors). I LOVE pillows, and am not lying when I tell you I bought 20 pillows before finding the five I wanted to keep!

The decoration of my room didn’t happen over one night- it’s been four months of finding various pieces that I just wanted needed for my room! During the beginning when I was figuring out what Boho Chic meant for me, and I knew it had to include a macrame wall hanging, so that’s where I began! My friend Erin happened to be designing her room at her new townhouse, and was in HomeGoods one day and saw the most magical one for me!


Literally knew I had to have this! Especially because it was only $24! It’s from HomeGoods, so I wasn’t able to find the exact one, but I found ones with similar colors that you might like: here, here, here and  here.

All of the pillows except the white fluffy one are from TJ Maxx,(I am definitely a Maxxinista!) and the white one is from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Room1.jpg THIS ONE

Room5.jpg THIS ONE

Room7.jpg THIS.jpg

Room8.jpg this.jpg

So, I went all over looking for the perfect pillows! I knew I wanted the Southwestern look, but it was actually a lot harder to find than I thought it would be to find all different pattern pillows that fit together.

The latest addition to my room is the coral bench, which also lifts up to be extra storage!

Room11.jpg this one.jpg

This laundry hamper was given to me by my sister who just moved out and didnt’ want it anymore. I loved the wicker, but wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I learned a DIY to make the pom poms! Later this week, I will be posting how I made them, but for a cheap update, I think it added a nice spunk!

Room10.jpg THI.jpg

Last week on my Instagram, I shared how much I LOVE my wallpaper!  This removable wallpaper is from a company called WallsNeedLove in the print called Merry Prankster.

The fun wall hanging in this photo is also a DIY! I bought the supplies from Michael’s, and I used the same yarn for this wall hanging and the pom poms.

As soon as I started re-doing my room, Target came out with its new Project 62 line, which gave me the glam/chicness that I wanted to include. This similar chair and ottoman are SO comfortable. The chair that I got had a small rip on the bottom, so I was able to get a pretty good discount. I got the chair for $75, and it was on sale at the time for $125, so I was pretty happy! I think the ottoman complements the wallpaper and the rug in front of the duo so nicely!

Pro tip:Before you purchase this chair, measure the width of your doorways because it BARELY made it into my room. I sit in this space a lot to write my blog posts and watch my fave YouTube videos!


Target’s newer collection for their Project 62 line featured these ADORABLE book ends, and I HAD to have them. I did not care that they were $20, they had to be mine. I think they added a really nice touch to my dresser.

9 thoughts on “How I re-created my room to be my favorite space in the house!

  1. I love the colour scheme you went with here and the DIY touches are just fab, looking forward to that post next week! My boyfriend and I recently moved into his mums house which she used to rent out before us, I’m in a similar situation in that I want to make the space ours but need to work within the limits of what we already have. This post has given me lots of inspiration of how I can change the space on a budget 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • Awh Laura, I am SO glad to hear this post helped inspire you! I’m sure there is a ton that you can do in your space! 🙂

  2. I’m seriously OBSESSED with that wallpaper and that little nook you write in. Also those DIY pom-poms are adorable. Sarahbelle would be proud hehehe. (Side note: her apartment is AMAZING and it’s not even entirely my style. She’s amazing with interiors).

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