At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? A Coffee Addict Gives it a Go + A Giveaway!

There are always trends in the beauty space– whether it’s face masks, new hair products or other beauty products, but one thing that will never go out of style are white teeth. I’ve seen a lot of products come up recently with various lights, strips, etc., but I think none of those are customized just for your mouth/teeth the way Smile Brilliant is.

Being the coffee addict that I am, I was immediately excited about the idea that I would have whiter teeth.

Like I said, Smile Brilliant really knows how to customize products for you, and the customer service is superb! A few months back, they sent me the box full of everything I would need for the whitening process. I was a little overwhelmed when I opened the package, but immediately was eased by the how-to photos!


It started with making a mold that was then sent back to smile brilliant to create my molds where I’d put the whitening gels in.

Once the customized molds came back, it took me a few days to get going because I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to drink anything cold after the whitening processes, but this unique process is great because it includes a de-sensitivity gel that can be used after the whitening process!!! I’ve used other whitening strips before, and none of them included ANYTHING like this! I was over the moon with this. I had zero sensitivity throughout this whole process. The only part of the process that wasn’t my favorite was a couple of times I had white spots on my teeth for a few hours after the process, but they disappeared and didn’t come back until the next whitening session!

With my busy work schedule, I found it difficult to come home (sometime around 9 p.m.) and whiten after work, but I think that would be the best time to do it to minimize any re-staining. I honestly whitened on my way to work each time! That’s the beauty of Smile Brilliant– you can do it anywhere, any time! Last weekend, I whitened on my way home from a wine tasting. #Winning


It worked for me, but I did experience a little bit of some re-staining here and there because I would drink coffee when I got to work, but the re-staining was no where near the yellow I once had.

Here are my before pictures (also I somehow have an odd shaped mouth, and it was hard for me to smile with all of my teeth, so please don’t laugh!! haha)


Before wine tasting last week, I wanted to take an after picture! I noticed some great results — especially towards the tops of my teeth towards my gums.
I love the unique experience that Smile Brilliant is able to offer their customers because of the customized molds, and they do it for a fraction of the price that you’d get at a dentists office.
Summer is the perfect time to start your whitening process. Smile Brilliant is so kind, and are working with me to gift one of YOU a free whitening kit (valued at $149!!).
If you are interested in entering for your chance to win a FREE KIT, you can enter HERE!! You can also head to their website for 15% off store-wide code using the code: definingdanie15

Tooth Whitening Gel

This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant but all opinions are my own. 


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  1. I am always looking for a new whitening system that is convenient and won’t make my teeth feel overly sensitive! Thanks for sharing!!

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