About Danie


Hey there! I am a 22-year-old who’s just trying to figure out this thing called “adulthood.” I am a recent college graduate and am here to go through life with you. While you are trying to figure out your passions, I am here to do it with you! I am trying to “Define Danie,” but also want to help you define YOU!

I am a proud Kent State alum and a huge caffeine addict. You can always find me at any coffee shop in town. #Caffeineisthenewblack!

If you would like your business/brand featured on Definingdanie.com you can contact me at Definingdanie@gmail.com or by social media. Twitter and Instagram: @Danieminor13 and on my Facebook page: Definingdanie.com

Thank you so much for checking out Definingdanie.com!



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