Thrifty Thursday is getting Fall-y!

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As of yesterday it has become Fall at Kent State. Today the high was 64 degrees and it was raining *sigh*, summer has officially come to an end, so that means that my outfits have to change! My favorite thing in Fall is boots, sweaters and scarves! This week as you can see, Shawna came with me to thrift! We went to Value discount in Akron, Oh. Shawna and I both LOVE to shop so naturally we were thrifting for 2 and 1/2 hours! Haha!

My favorite purchase is the yellow linen jacket that you see in the first few pictures! It was $4 and is the most comfortable thing ever! It’s perfect jacket for fall because it is heavy enough for the cool mornings walking to class but also light enough that I’m not hot in the afternoons. The leggings are not from this round of thrifting, but they were thrifted! Then the shoes were from when I went to Moonlight Madness in August! I am SO excited to be able to wear them now that it won’t be too hot to wear them. Then the scarf is not thrifted either but it went so well with the outfit. Next outfit! I am in love with this shirt! It fits me perfectly and it would look really cute under a jean jacket or a sweater for those cold nights!

Next, I bought the sweater today! Shawna and I fought over this sweater for a good 30 minutes! Haha! If you are an avid reader of my blog you will remember that I was super excited about the shoes that I’m wearing with this outfit! I bought them probably about a month ago for only $5! I wish I could say that this scarf was also thrifted but it is not… I bought this scarf from Zara about two years ago and it is my FAVORITE scarf. The colors just went really well with the whole outfit. Finally, this yellow sweatshirt… I do not know why I love it so much! But, what I do know is that it is perfect for fall (what sweatshirt isn’t?) and it has parrots on it! Why wouldn’t I love it?

So, you’re asking how much money I spent total for these outfits today, probably $9?!

Shawna’s turn! Shawna LOVES the comfy yet cute look! She rocks the different fleece quarter zips! I am also in LOVE with her boots! She reminds me of a Native-American in them! 🙂 The scarf that she is wearing the last picture is Lilly Pulitzer and has the most adorable elephants on them!

Shawna spent a total of $13 for the 3 fleece pullovers! I’m so proud of her :’)!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Thrifty Thursday!



My Thrifty Thursday Finds!

My Thirfty Thursday Finds!

My whole outfit (minus the necklace and watch!) were all found for $19! YES, you read that correctly!

I went a little more dressy with my first Thrifty Thursday outfit just because I found these awesome pieces! My shirt, which was found while I was in Philadelphia, PA on Monday at this small, but cute consignment shop! It is so comfortable and will go with so much! Then, the gray skirt which I found at Goodwill in Crofton, MD was only $5! This skirt I promise you will be worn so often! When I was looking at it I noticed the skirt still had its original tags on it. And, it was originally $30… meaning I saved $25!!! Finally, the magical find of the shoes! They are white wedges from Target. I am a size 11 shoe, making it extremely difficult for me to find shoes (cute ones at least!) while thrifting. I was walking up to the cash register, and there they were! What a score also because they were only $10, and still had their original tags on them as well. I checked on Target’s website and they are originally $21. I wish I knew how much this shirt originally cost!

I had so much fun sifting through the clothes at the Consignment shop and at Goodwill! It will save you so much money which is a great thing for a girl like me who is a college student! I hope you all liked this post! Please comment with other ideas you might have for me to do for my upcoming Thrifty Thursday’s!