An Easy 4 Step DIY For Your Dorm

I live in an apartment-style dorm.  I decorated a little in the beginning of the school year, but last night (at 2 a.m. of course) I realized I had a lot of things with my monogram on it, but, nothing with any sayings on it! I came across a quote on Twitter that I absolutely fell in love with- so it had to be painted and put on my walls! 🙂

First Step:
I used this owl-shaped piece of wood that I bought at Michael’s craft store over the summer that I hadn’t done anything with. Then, I painted it with two coats of white paint.

Second Step: 
I decided to use the quote: “She needed a hero so that’s what she became” because a little girl power is ALWAYS needed!  I used my favorite gold paint that I also bought at Michaels’s craft store. Make sure that when you’re using a gold paint, to buy the metallic gold paint! It will shimmer, and look GORG (just like all of you!).

Make sure to go over the words at least twice, so the paint isn’t transparent!

Third Step: 
At first, I was thinking I liked the board with just the words, and no bedazzles, but I wouldn’t be Danie without any extras on my crafts! So, I decided to look in my crafting bin for something cute I had to put on it, and I found two pretty fake flowers!

I just magically had two flowers left- so, it was meant to be for this craft! I just hot glued them on, and they stayed perfectly.

Fourth Step: 
Now it’s time to hang up your masterpiece! I used a command hook and hung it up in my living room!


I hung it up underneath of one of the many monograms that are in my apartment!

These small things make your dorm room have personality! I would love to see some of your DIYs that are in your dorms! 


Thrifty Thursday: My Apartment!

DSCF6334 DSCF6335 DSCF6338 DSCF6341

After countless hours of moving in these past two days… I am DONE moving in! Now, its time for the DECORATING! I cannot wait for the next couple weeks to thrift all of my decorations. So, let’s start this! I found these awesome plates! They remind me of a Mexican Fiesta! Ha! The colors are just so bright and fun. I bought SO many of them. The picture of the pink, yellow and blue plates are smaller ones that could be used for salad! I bought 6 of the small ones. The picture of the pink and blue ones are dinner plates. I am so sad that they did not have any of the yellow ones in the bigger plates but, I’m so happy that they did have the pink and blue! I bought 7 of them. Guess how much I bought 13 plates for? Also, they are glass! They are not plastic, I know they kind of look plastic-y in my pictures. I bought them for $8.76 cents! Also, because I am a student, I got 10% off at my Goodwill near school! I asked the Goodwill about their different sales that they have and everyday I go there, I can get the 10% off discount. I am thrilled! 

Next, the purple toaster! I have to admit that I did not buy this in a thrift store… I bought it at Walmart. (Close enough, right? haha) But, I bought it at such a good price! I bought this toaster which is originally around $25 for $11! I think the purple is going to look so pretty with all of the decorations that I am putting up! P.S. keep your eyes on the lookout for my post about my decorations that I am putting up within these next few days. I am so excited! The other thing that I wanted to share with you guys is how I am actually using some of my past Thrifty Thursday products that I bought! You can see my famous yellow-green glass container! I bought these about a month ago, especially for my apartment. For a few of the containers, my dad actually came up with the idea of storing my K-Cups in them for my Keurig! Which of course I thought was ADORABLE. I am also using 2 of them for my makeup brushes!

Before I end my post, I just wanted to thank everyone with the support that I am receiving from all of you! Thank you to everyone who has told me they are avid readers and to everyone who has given my amazing compliments about my posts! I am so happy to hear that you are loving my posts, just as much as I LOVE posting them! 


Danie 🙂