How to Throw The Perfect Bachelor Watch Party with your Gals!

My friends and I are taking this season of The Bachelor really seriously! We even have a bracket – where the winner gets a prize. We get together almost every week and watch (gawk) at the screen over which woman we think Colton is going to pick. (I think he is going to pick Cassie… who do you think he’s going to pick?)

I threw my friends the ultimate “Bachelor Watch Party” and I want to share it with you, so you can also throw the perfect evening with your gal pals! This party would be perfect for the Final Rose ceremony in April!

Grab your roses and your rosé and let’s have a Bachelor Watch Party!


I gave all of my friends a yellow rose because it represents the color of friendship!

Our Shirts!

IMG_0197 2.JPG

I hopped right onto Etsy and found this amazing shop called Simply Sage Market. The shop owner is so creative and was so thoughtful and gifted us a few of shirts! I love that we all got different colors!

Colors from left to right: Olive, Red, Seafoam and Blush. Not pictured: We also ordered one in Mauve, but my friend couldn’t make it to my party anymore!

I love that I purchased the red because it’s the classic rose color!



The Decor

I wanted to include the classic “rose” in my theme for the evening, but also wanted to spice it up so it wasn’t just the red roses!

Every event in my opinion needs that ‘Gram moment, so I picked up a piece of garland at Michael’s Craft store that already had pink and white flowers scattered through it, and I just added fake red stem roses through it! I taped the roses so they wouldn’t fall through.

I personally really liked that the stems were sticking though, but if you don’t love that look, you can pull the roses off of the top and hot glue them to your garland!


Similar Garland

I dressed up my bar cart with a “Will you accept this rosé?” sign and a few bottles of rosé.


Bar Cart | Love Balloon | Plastic Champagne Flute| Face Vase


I took two frames and printed two signs – the one for the bar cart and one for the dessert section of my table! I also grabbed these white candles, because it wouldn’t be the fantasy “sweets” without candles!!

We then sprinkled red rose petals across the food table for some extra-ness. To spruce up the vase with the forks and straws, I threw in some fake red and pink roses!


Fun fact: Did you know that the Bachelor/Bachelorettes and their dates can’t eat the food while on camera on their dates?! It always looks so good! I don’t know how they have that good of self control.

We set up a taco station and mini desserts area!

IMG_0199 2

IMG_0818 2.JPG

We included it all: meat for the tacos, hard + soft taco shells, diced onion and tomato, shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa! But for your taco bar, make sure to choose your favorites!

For desserts, we had mini french macarons, mini cheesecakes with raspberries, and mini chocolate doughnuts! I picked up all of these mini desserts from Wegmans, and they were addictive!

On the table, I made sure to include red and yellow roses. Red because they are the classic Bachelor rose color and yellow because they represent friendship!

Pro tip: pick up your flowers at Trader Joe’s if you have one in your area! Their flowers are such a great price.



I know games are the last thing we want to play when it comes to relationships…but if you want to include a fun game, I suggest this Bachelor Bingo from Etsy! It was actually a lot harder than we thought it would be– but it kept us really in-tune with the show!


So, will you accept this rose to throw you perfect Final Rose Ceremony watch party?


I hope this post inspires you to throw your ultimate Bachelor Watch party. Tag me @Definingdanie so I can see what you did for yours!