How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board To Bring with you to your Holiday Get Together

We’re less than a week away from a lot of the family holiday get-togethers that are going to occur! It’s always so stressful trying to pick and choose what you want to bring with you to a holiday party, so I decided to help you out with showing you how to make my favorite — a cheese board

Now if you’re a Pinterest lover like I am…you’ve seen a ton of “how-tos” for how to create the perfect cheese board and it can be super intimidating. But the cheese board that I’ve created for you took me less than 15 minutes to put together…I actually did it on my lunch break at work!

Taking photos of the cheese board took more time than actually putting it together.




What did I include on my board? 


Supplies needed: 

I decided to choose 3 different kinds of cheese (All from Trader Joe’s): 

I like to do a mix of 3 different kinds of cheese on my cheese board — one cheddar, one soft and one gouda. They tend to really be a hit with most people, so bringing these to a holiday party is IDEAL because everyone will be happy! This time I chose the following: 

What I paired with it:
(All from Trader Joe’s, except the grapes)


How to organize your plate: 

I like to put one cheese on each side and one in the middle and then fill in the blank spots with the olives, crackers, etc., so there is basically no board showing. It looks like it takes a lot of work, but it’s really the small details that make it look that way! 

For example, I put a few of the green leaves from the mandarin oranges in the middle to fill in the blanks from the crackers and I cut the gouda so it looked a little crumbly. It really gives it a nice touch. 

I promise this board will NOT disappoint your family! 

Happy Holidays! 


What to get all of your different “types” of friends for the holidays

Welcome to Defining Danie’s Holiday Gift Guide:

The holidays are a tough time because we all have so many different types of friends! It seems like while we are in college, we have friends with all different interests, so it can make it hard to shop for them!

Lets get started!

The Feminist Friend: 

Every Feminist needs a good piece of apparel, so you should take a look on for that perfect item for them! My personal favorite thing on the website right now is this:


I am definitely ordering myself this!

The Artsy Friend: 

Of course Artsy friends come in all different forms… but after talking to my artsy friend, she told me that she wishes someone would get her this! It’s a mug where Van Gogh’s ear disappears when you pour in hot liquid.



The Zodiac-Obsessed Friend: 

Lets admire how gorgeous the notebooks are! Any zodiac-obsessed friend will love writing in this and seeing their sign on the cover each time they use it! Anthropologie is stocked with cute things with zodiac signs on them! If you think your friend will love this, you can get it: here.



The Fashionista Friend: 

We all have that one friend that always looks great, even if she is running to the grocery store! Your fashionista friend needs this without breaking the bank. Just because she is glamorous, does not mean you have to spend a fortune! Your fashionista friend will love this because velvet is currently a huge trend and it’s also simple, which she will probably love! Don’t think she will love green? It also comes in maroon! Find it here.


The Wanderlust Friend: 

Have a friend who is always on-the-go? The best gift for her would be a travel wallet from Kate Spade! I travel a lot and this wallet is a life saver. It is a bit on the pricier side, but maybe you and a few friends could pitch in and get this all together. Trust me, it’s worth it. Grab it here.


We all have so many different “types” of friends in our lives, but I hope this helped you think of some ideas for your friend group! My friend Katie and I got together and thought of the different types of friends we have in our lives and then had a fun photoshoot to get us in the holiday spirit! Take a look below how cute these pictures turned out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you all have a fun, non-stressful holiday season  and hope my gift guide was helpful!



Holiday Travel Guide

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Are you traveling this Holiday season? I am! I need to make sure that I am carrying everything I need with me to make sure that I have the best flight that I can have! I am going to have two carry-ons and a huge luggage!

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