Three doable resolutions that need to be on your list for 2017!

Happy 2017! I cannot explain how excited I am for this fresh start, because lets face it, 2016 was kind of a nightmare for most of us. The New Year is a time when we all promise to ourselves that THIS is going to be the year I do_____, and then we feel bad about ourselves because didn’t accomplish what we were hoping to do.

But this year, I came up with three things that we all NEED to add to this list of resolutions to be a better young adult! And no, these do not include losing weight or procrastinating less.


These are also things that I need to also add to my list of resolutions! Let’s get started…

  1. We are not getting any younger, so we all need to get on a good skin regimen! I just picked up a wrinkle cream and moisturizer to add to my daily skin routine. I realize that I do not have many wrinkles currently, but my recent research told me we stop producing collagen at the age of 16, so it all goes down from here… (haha I’m just kidding, but not kidding about not producing collagen anymore!)dsc_0053
  2.  Start saving those dollars! So, after many years of my parents yelling at me about my spending habits, I realized over this winter break how out-of-control my spending habits really can be (do I really need to eat out as often as I do?). I graduate college in August, which is crazy because I do not have any savings to my name. While it is really hard to save money when I do not have a job, I can help my parents out by not spending as much each month. My dad and I had a money conversation, and he told me what he used to do when he was starting out, was to save at least 10 percent of his paycheck each month when he started his salaried job. This allowed him to gain actual savings! While this is easier said then done, I am going to attempt to be a little bit more money conscious and you should too!dsc_0047
  3.  My third and final resolution to add to your list is to make more time for yourself! This one would actually be the hardest for me because I completely understand as college students, we are constantly busy doing work, going to this for our sorority, etc., but it important to sleep in one day, read that book that you’ve had on your list or just honestly chill and not do anything sometimes.  I am one of the biggest extroverts out there, so it hard for me to be alone for too long, because I love being with people constantly, but when I do take a few hours for myself, I realize how rejuvenated I actually feel!

I hope this list sounds like things that are doable for you! I am going to really try my hardest to accomplish these.

Did you notice the adorable champagne bottle I have in my hand? It is the Chandon and Rebecca Minkoff wine holiday collaboration! Rebecca Minkoff designed the bottles, and I am in love with them! To read more about the collection, check it out: here.


I hope all of my amazing Defining Danie readers had a great holiday season! Thank you all for your support and I look forward what 2017 holds for us!


Thank you to my friend, Amanda Beall for this fun photoshoot! Find her on Instagram @Onemillionwonders!

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Not resolutions, but promises to Myself


Thank you so much for making 2015 one of the best years for me! I cannot thank everyone enough for taking the time out of your day to read my posts!

I try not to make resolutions because I am one to feel guilt when I do not follow through with the resolutions that I do not keep.

For 2016, I have REAL promises that I am going to keep for myself. I know that a promise can be related to these resolutions, but in my book they are different!


What are my promises? 

I will start with something that I struggle with often…

Promise #1 

I do not need others around all the time to make me happy. I am personally so extroverted that I crave being around people 24/7. I really want to start learning how to hangout in my house all day and RELAX. I am not one for relaxing, but my mental health needs it so bad.


Promise #2 

In the spirit of taking care of myself, I am promising myself that I will stay on track with exercising. When I was a senior in high school, I was a workout ADDICT. I was looking back at my social media from when I was working out constantly and I truly think I was a happier person then. Not because I weighed less, but because I know I truly FELT better. I know it is true that exercising releases endorphins and with a stressful semester coming up, I need all of the endorphins possible!

Promise #3 

To just start taking care of myself overall. I have put my health aside for far too long now. 2016 will be the year of “Danie’s Health Journey.” I am promising myself that this year I will not only be more conscience of what I am eating, but make sure to take the medicines that I am prescribed. I HATE medicine, but my health is coming to a point of needing it more than ever.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve! This year, I stayed in with my sister, Payton and one of my best friends, Amanda! We watched the ball drop!  I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings for me.









Ready for some bloopers from this fun photoshoot done by friend, Amanda?


I think this will definitely capture my 2016.


We have captured this one as “moving on to 2016,” HAHA! Do not worry, we did not go out and rent the moving van, her mom had to move some stuff in!







New Year, New Me? Thrifty Thursday!

The Thrifty Thursday looks this week: A Winter Time Outfit and a Workout Outfit!   

 IMG_3995.JPG    IMG_0624

Lets start out with the Winter Time Outfit! For this outfit, the two thrifted items are the jacket and the headband! The jacket cost me $10 and the headband cost me $6. I was kind of upset that the headband cost me that much but, I can understand why it cost so much, it was new! It’s super cute, it is one of those headbands that also covers your ears, which is perfect because at Kent State, it is FREEZING.

The jacket is also perfect. It is fleece lined, and super warm! Today, in Annapolis, the high temperature I believe was 14 degrees, but with the windchill it felt like 2! But, at school I know with the windchill it felt like -18 (I can say that I am not super excited to go back to that weather on Sunday, haha!). If I were to wear this outfit at school, I would definitely have to add gloves and a scarf! Check out the outfit with my heavy duty scarf that I bought off last year!


Jacket- $10 Headband- $6

 I completed this outfit with heavy leggings and my new chestnut boots that I bought from Payless for only $39!

So, everyone always makes the New Years Resolution to get fit in the new year, well I started that this summer, but I got a little off track…so I am starting again now!

Workout clothes can be SO expensive, even at places like Target or Marshall’s, so why not thrift them? I thrifted almost everything in this outfit, except my T-shirt that I am wearing underneath of my of jacket.

   IMG_0623    IMG_0628

It motivates me so much to look cute while working out! I bought these workout pants and jacket, which are both Target brand, for only $8 combined! Then, today while I was at Goodwill, I found these Reebok EasyTones for only $10. I was online looking at Reebok’s website to see how much these cost brand new and they range from $69-$99! I saved so much money by buying them from Goodwill.

I know it seems a little weird buying shoes from Goodwill but, I promise you, they have some good finds! You can also wash tennis shoes on delicate in the washing machine.

I bought the jacket previously and added a cute monogram to the front of it. I got that done in Kent, Ohio at Dragonfly, they monogram items for only $5. So, together my jacket was a total of $9…I know, it’s amazing!

I also saw other amazing winter jackets and workout clothes in Goodwill, so go check out your local

thrift store for these items!

I would love to see the items you are thrifting, so please share them with me on Twitter/Instagram @Danieminor13.

Happy New Year!


New Years Thrifty Thursday!

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I cannot believe that it is already 2015!? New year means… year of new Thrifty Thursdays!


I am so excited about doing my first Thrifty Thursday of the year! This Thrifty Thursday is featuring two different items. My blue pants and my jacket! Let’s start with my jacket!

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