Unique Wood Watches: A Gorgeous Conversational Piece + $100 Giveaway

When it comes to watches, I look for more than one that can just tell me the time – I look for a piece of art. The materials of a watch and the meaning behind them can really alter the reason I choose a certain one! I have been wearing the same watch for the past four years because I haven’t found another one that “sparked joy” for me.  

I always see the same type of watches over and over – nowadays it’s either an Apple Watch (but they do make bands for your Apple watch) or a metal watch that looks just like the rest out there. You don’t really see watch companies entering the sustainability realm yet – except for Jord (pronounced like Yode). Their watches are crafted using beautiful reclaimed woods that range from bamboo to sandalwood to purpleheart, just to name a few.


I was able to work with Jord to find a watch that not only “sparked joy” for me, but also fits me incredibly. A lot of times watches don’t sit in the correct place on my wrist or they will be too tight, but Jord sent me the Frankie style, and it fits me perfectly. The Frankie has a nice larger face without having too thick of a band, giving it that feminine feel.

My favorite thing about the watch is definitely the color. You all know that I am a #colorenthusiast, so when I first heard the watches were wood, I wasn’t sure that this would be the right collaboration for me, but when I saw this purpleheart and plum watch, my heart skipped a beat. Jord does an impeccable job of giving you the backstory of your watch. I learned the purple color of the watch is natural from the purpleheart wood!

IMG_3234 (1).JPG

The watch I’ve been wearing for close to five years is gold and has a beautiful face – but sometimes I just need a little something “extra” and this hits the nail on the head.

If I were to go for a different style at Jord, I would 100% get the new Cora Polaris. This watch combines beautiful woods and Swarovski diamonds.


More about Jord:

A company that has the desire to change the world will always be a win in my book, but a company that also offers free worldwide shipping while sustaining their mission is a game changer!  

Jord will also work with you to ensure your watch fits you perfectly and they have additional options for customizations (think mixing woods + engraving!). One more bonus: your watch comes with a year-long warranty.

IMG_3153 (1).JPG

Are you intrigued yet? Good, now here is your chance to win one!

I hope after almost five years of blogging, you all know that I only collaborate with companies that I truly believe in, so I want you to have the chance to win $100 off a Jord watch!

You can enter here: www.jordwatches.com/g/definingdanie

Giveaway Details:

  • The winner will receive a $100 gift code to go towards your watch purchase (this covers almost the full cost of a watch!)
  • Everyone who enters will receive a 10% off gift code in their email!!
  • The winner will be emailed in a month when the contest is concluded
  • I will be in touch throughout the giveaway to update you on the progress
  • All you have to do is enter here: www.jordwatches.com/g/definingdanie



IMG_3184 2 (1)

Can’t wait to see which one of you babes win!


This post was sponsored by Jord, but all opinions are my own.